Gil Browdy

Hi, my name is Gil.

I am a fullstack web developer.  I learned to code in high school (when it looked more like this), and I’ve had a passion ever since.  I love to learn new technologies, and I learn quickly.

On the backend:

-> I am experienced in Python (Flask, Django).  You might even call me a Pythonista.

-> At home, I enjoy playing around with NodeJS (and Express!).

On the frontend:

-> I have experience in AngularJS (1.x) and Angular 2/5, and along with that TypeScript, and RxJs.

-> I am a strong believer in a single source of truth (Flux/Redux/NgRx-store)

-> At home, I enjoy playing around with React, too.

-> Also, I have experience with JQuery, ES6, and VanillaJS.

-> I like good semantic HTML5 code.

-> I have experience with Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation and I know my way around SASS/SCSS and LESS.

-> I can throw together a nice WordPress site, too.

Other things:

-> I use Linux and can navigate the command line (I’m a zsh user).

-> I know how to Git and I am one with the Gitflow (and everyone should have this bookmarked…).

-> I also know how to Gulp and Grunt (and npm scripts, but that doesn’t sound as funny…).

-> I can make you a sweet reverse proxy with Nginx.

-> And if you want, I’ll also make your a nice build file for your Docker image.

-> I like my Query Languages structured (MySQL, PostgreSQL), but I dig MongoDB, too.

-> I use AWS and I know what IAM, EC2, ECS, ECR, S3, RDS, Lamdba, and Route 53 do.

-> If I’m not using Linux, then I’ll use Vagrant in order to use Linux.

-> I’m a proponent of TDD, and I don’t like to be without a CI/CD pipeline (I’ve got some Jenkins experience, but mostly I’ve used AWS services like Codebuild).

-> I’m so Agile I’ve got a +2 DEX modifier.

-> I am not afraid – I repeat – I am not afraid of Selenium.

-> I’m down with OOP.

Sites I’ve coded:

-> – Design: Blue Collar

-> – Design: Blue Collar

-> Geogame – I made this for fun when I was just learning Angular and Bootstrap

-> Can I Get A – My first app ever.  Simple JQuery code, with design and suggestions by Vinny Francois


I am not a designer, so I have to give credit where it’s due :: Bootstrap theme: Bootstra.386. | WordPress theme: Underscores